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Where is the mod content folder and how to work on it from separate machines?

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    Where is the mod content folder and how to work on it from separate machines?


    I am having serious trouble trying to finish up a mod I am trying to make. I only have access to the development PC with the oculus for a few hours at a time and I need a way to develop before I get there and then test.

    I want to be able to make the mod on my computer, and then transfer the folder of my mod over to the development PC so that I can continue working on it there. The mod folder seems to be completely invisible to anything automatic in the UE4. I found the roboRecall mod folder with the roboRecall content, but if I were to make a map mod I can't find where that folder is located to copy the latest version of the map on my computer to the map on the development PC. What is the folder path for the mods I create?

    Also I know this is not entirely related to the current topic but why is the VR editor the super old version with two lasers and blacks out your screen when you rotate anything? I'm assuming roboRecall was made with that version of the engine and that is why VR mode is outdated but I really enjoyed using VR mode and I want to use it for some parts of my map. Can I make maps in a different later version of the engine and just migrate them back to the roboRecall mod?


    about transferring you mod from your working computer to your development computer:
    in the 2 computers if you have installed the Robo Recall Mod KIT The mod is in RoboRecall > Plugins.
    There you will find on your working computer YOUR MOD (a folder) .
    You will have to copy the FOLDER YOUR MOD to the development computer after.
    If you have on your development computer installed the FREE VERSION of Robo Recall as part of a bundle with the Oculus Rift and Touch, you will see 2 folders:
    Folder name : RoboRecall ----------->Full Game which is coming with Rift&Touch
    Folder name: RoboRecallModKit---> the installed Mod Kit

    For your other problem: I don't know....Wink


      Thanks! That seemed to work.