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Eventually looking for a Level Designer.

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    Eventually looking for a Level Designer.

    Hey all,

    Might as well start, by posting the first post to the forums for Battalion 1944! :)

    My current profession is teaching at a local college. 9-5 for the last few years. My specialty is in Game art. Though due to teaching I have a wide range of skills within the Games/VFX industries pipelines. I spend a lot of my time teaching the basics/advanced concepts to my students. I never get around time to work on my portfolio and my Artstation is looking quite bare. And I would like to focus my art more towards environments.

    I recently saw that Battalion 1944 was released while digging for games to create content for on the Steam workshop, So here I am. I picked up a copy and keen to get stuck into it!.

    The ideal outcome I am looking for is that I just focus more on the art creation, while someone else helps design and execution. As I don't have a lot of time to spare from work to focus on the design 110% and would like some assistance with developing a simple level. So the projects I commit to might be a tad bit slow, as it would be in my own time after work. if you are a keen chap and have a bit of experience in level design before I really want to hear from you. Post a reply below.

    - also willing to join an existing team, but not so keen on making a port of an existing Map (like from another games IP, like COD etc) but cool with it been inspired by another games IP map. but interested in creating it from scratch if that makes sense.

    My first objective right now before I attempt any sort of map and take on any designers valuable time, is to play around with the existing files and create a simple map for myself to get an idea of the pipeline. And I will post that progress back here or on the discord. I've already checked out the tutorial videos and seems pretty straight forward. Keen to stick in.

    I've also encouraged some of my students to give it a go, so hopefully, we might see some of their faces in person within the community.

    - Finn


    PS- I have no idea why the links above are showing like that ^
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