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Can't create C++ files (Development kit crashes)

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    Can't create C++ files (Development kit crashes)


    Are there any tutorials available on how to setup everything correctly, to be able to create maps and mod the game, with C++?

    I installed the Epic Games launcher and the B44 Dev Kit (DK) from the launcher. As I tried to create my first C++ file (after installing visual studio 2017 through the DK) I got an error. (attachments InitialError.png, Output-Log.png)

    ERROR: Plugin 'OnlineSubsystemSteam' (referenced via Battalion.uproject) does not contain the 'OnlineSubsystemSteam' module, but lists it in 'F:\Epic Games\BattalionModKit\Battalion 4.19\Plugins\OnlineSubsystemSteam\OnlineSubsystemSteam.uplugin'.

    After failing to create the C++ file, if I try again, the DK immediately crashes. (attachment CrashReport.png)

    After this, when I try to open the launcher again, it says it's built on a different engine version, and to rebuild it "manually from the source".
    (attachments AfterCrashRelaunchError1-2.png)

    When I clear the Source folder in the modkit directory, then verify the DK, I can launch the editor again, but still can't create C++ files (these same errors happen).

    I've tried reinstalling everything (game, DK, anti-cheat, visual studio).
    I also tried to install Unreal Engine separately from the epic launcher (version 4.19.2) with Editor symbols for debugging.
    My operating system is Windows 7.

    TL;DR - my problem -
    I installed the Dev Kit (DK) and visual studio from the DK.
    The DK crashes when I try to create C++ files.

    Every advice and fix idea is greatly appreciated. :)
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