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Problem With Creating First Mod

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    Problem With Creating First Mod

    Hello all,

    I've had an idea for a mod i'd like to have for my own server. So I've started looking at making something. Following this tutorial from "The Wookie"

    I'm trying to just make some weapons and was following the test as he did. however, when I go into the play test, my engram doesn't show up in the playtest at all and I've followed his mod to a "T" except I didn't make the name of the mod "MyMod" and the instead the title of my mod.

    Any idea as to why this may be happening?

    Just got into modding myself. Made 2 mods so far, both items. I didn't use Wookies video though.

    I watched the video you referenced and sounds like you didn't do the step he describes here:


    Somehow Give blueprint to player inventory wasn't checked in the engram.

    I realize this is a couple months old post. Hopefully you figured it out by now.