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newbies question: running the testmap fails

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    newbies question: running the testmap fails


    a freshman here...

    Did a fresh installation of Ark Editor this week, pressed Play on the preloaded TestMapArea and that thing freezed completly. Defragged the HDD to gain speed.
    Next try pressed Play as Standalone Game, that window freezed for an hour before i killed it via taskmanager.
    Next try I copied the testmaparea as testmaparea_my to the mods folder, deleted a lot of cubes and pressed Play, same. After two hours with increasing memory usage that window took 11GB of RAM and my harddrive end upgoing nutson swapping memory.
    Next try I deleted every block apart from the ground plane where the actor spawns and one block in sight for orientation. Gave groundplane "SM_Template_Map_floor" a material, now I'm on a simple "numbers_mat" and pressed Build->Build Geometry to check on errors.
    "Warning StaticMeshActor_20 SM_Template_Map_Floor StaticMeshActor has 0 KB of instanced vertex color data."

    What does that mean?

    Even with that simple testmaparea_my the Standalone Window with that brown-foggy background and the ARK-symbol increases in memory usage but nothing happens for an hour. harddrive is constantly reading stuff at low datarates of 3-5 MB/s.

    Endud up with an Editor using 2GB of RAM and a sturdy Window with around 10GB of RAM, closed the editor and the "Standalone Game" closed too, "Standalone".......

    How to gets this thing going?
    when I try to build the preloaded testmaparea then I recieve dozens of these errors shown above.

    System: Core i7 4790 with 16GB RAM, installed on a SATA-HDD (after two full days of download)

    nope, non support in official support forum
    It seems that ADK isn't usable.
    147GB of not working trash deleted, ideas for Ark into trashcan, chapter closed, done with it.