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How does one replace an already-spawning creature with their own edited version?

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    How does one replace an already-spawning creature with their own edited version?

    Hi guys, hopefully, this is a simple one, but here goes.

    I'm a relative newbie. What I want is to edit a creature and have my edited version replace the one that spawns in-game. So far I've seen explanations for how to add a NEW creature, but not how to overwrite an existing one. Surely if I add the edited creature into a new mod folder, all it will do is add it to the game without anything calling it up or using it?

    I'm relatively confident in what I want to do with the edit itself, I just want to know how I'd go about replacing the pre-existing dino with my edited version.


    If you want to replace an existing creature, you'll have to
    - Make your new creature (copy from base) in your new mod.

    - Then the easyest way to replace should be to add this line to your game.ini file :
    But i'm not sure if that will work with modded creatures.
    An other way should be to create new spawner classes and will really be complicated i think, a lots of thing to change.
    An other way is to edit the creature and make a total conversion.
    I wish the first way will work, you should try.


      In your mod's PrimalGameData, there's a section called something like "Remap NPC." Add a new entry to that and specify the (name)_Character_BP of the pre-existing dino and of your modified version. This should replace all newly spawning versions of the dino with your new one. (IIRC, any of the pre-existing dino that already spawned on the map will NOT be modified, whether wild or tamed. It will only affect new ones that spawn. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a good way to update already-tamed creatures, but you can use console commands to clear out the old wild dinos.) You don't need to remap the spawners if you want the new one to spawn the same way the old ones did.

      If it's breedable and oviparous, you can also remap the fertilized egg in the Remap Items section. I'm not sure, but I think remapping the fertilized egg will allow unmodified dinos to produce eggs that will hatch into the modified dino.


        Thanks guys!