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    Ressources Mod DLC

    I'm not good at English, please excuse me in advance.

    Here are some servers that play like this.
    Me anyway, before the appearance of the second DLC Aberration, my server propose to play with the item / dino / engram of Scorched Earth.
    I'm not too fan of resources converter mods, and I had found a great mod!
    Created by MapaT and here is his mod:
    ((His mod is not up to date and I think it does not have the time, there is even sulfur rock floating because this mod was compatible with the old volcano The_Island.))

    Well now there is Aberration so, I would like to know if anyone can create 1mod with the resources of both dlc. ??
    It's hard to put resources on the island (as a map extension)

    I do not know the "props" of aberration, so I watch videos and make photo montages to explain what I'm looking for.

    For the resource Scorched Earth :

    For the resource Aberration :

    I find a video of proceeding :

    I already try ArkDevKit, and I'm not too comfortable with English all is confusing for me. I do not find any tutorial.
    I would have been happy to bring my creativ touch to the workshop, but I can not...
    Thanks for read me.

    Ok news ! I have try with 2 movie from youtube to create my mod.
    But i dont understand why its so long for Cook. my processor is 100% and all my Ram used.
    i have successfully to put with paint foliage a RockBlueGem(aberation dlc) to The_island, but for (cook/upload) its very long then i cancel after wait 1hours (just for a little test) -_-.
    its tired me since yesterday