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Un-Cook Mod ( Making it editable with the Ark Dev Kit )

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    Un-Cook Mod ( Making it editable with the Ark Dev Kit )

    Hello everyone,

    I've downloaded ark dev kit specially today since I was having issues with the two following thing:

    - Hidden Engram Files using the game.ini for my server deleted all item/blueprint variants from the server after a reboot ( This is probally a bug not yet fixed by the ark dev team )
    - Counter the frequent update ratio of mods ( Sometimes 5 times per day making it verry annoying to play the game )

    So I figured what if I download the ark dev kit and import the existing mods and alter the engram settings, that would solve these two issues since I will have control over the mod updating periods. However after trying to "Copy & Paste" the files into the ark dev kit projects folder I found out that there is no way to edit these in the ark dev kit which lead to the fact that these mods are cooked.

    Now, I could ask every single mod creator to send me over their raw mod files but I highly doubt that they would give these away. The second option would be to form a contract but same as the first option I dont think they are willing to spend any time on setting up a contract.

    So, now here I am with a server which gets ruined by a ton of updates every single day ( Yes I could delete all the mods and just setup a vanilla server to fix this issue but what would be the fun of that? ) So I'm asking if anyone knows about a way to un-cook a mod?

    P.S. I'm currently so buissy with managing the server that I dont even have the time to join the players on the server and actually play the game for a change.

    All mods are cooked; You cant uncook a mod and if you did find a way it would prob make you very unpopular.

    You can easily edit engram visibility via the INI files on your server. If I ran a server where it got a ton of updates every single day I would stop using that specific mod.


      I'm fairly sure that's illegal. If you don't want to deal with the mods don't use them


        So what happens when your mod project folder gets wiped accidentally?


          You learn that source control exists for a very important reason.


            many games have editable mods. It's it's not an issue for most. With such poor documentation on modding, no wonder the op asked this question.


              My suggestion to fix this problem? Tell modders to stop updating 5 times a day and think about their user base. If you need to update your mod that often unless it is a emergency fix it isn't ready for the public. This needs to be drilled into modders heads. Also you can hide or make private mods that you are just testing. Or make a duplicate for testing and only upload ones you know work. I've been ranting about it forever. If you want people to use your mod make it user friendly. Even better - give a warning you are doing a update soon or better then that have a set update time. Sorry I know this doesn't help with your immediate problems OP but yeah, tell the mod authors this is a real problem that they have control over.

              Maybe I'm misunderstanding you but couldn't you just copy your game.ini before a reboot? Or is it automatic?
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                I've been ranting about it forever.
                Hopefully not since before March...
                Update: 10 Mar @ 2:09am
                Update: 10 Mar @ 1:15am
                Update: 10 Mar @ 12:32am

                Update: 20 Mar @ 7:39am
                Update: 20 Mar @ 5:29am
                Update: 20 Mar @ 1:14am
                You are getting a free product from people with little experience with UE4, cut them some slack.


                  a way to uncook your own mods when you have lost the raw files through (for example) a HDD failure would be welcome, maybe put a code in the cooked file that only the modder would know, then that code would need to be entered to successfully uncook a mod. I recently lost all the raw data from 5 mods I have created and with no way of reverse engineering the mods I have had to give them up.

                  Not all people asking for the uncook option are mod theives.


                    Originally posted by Ferrat View Post
                    a way to uncook your own mods when you have lost the raw files through (for example) a HDD failure would be welcome

                    Not all people asking for the uncook option are mod theives.
                    True, but this is why version control exists.

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