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[Question] Map size

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    [Question] Map size

    Hello, I'm totally new to Unreal / Ark Dev Kit, do know the basics of the basics, I created a height map and uploaded it to unreal, however it's not the size I want it to be and I can't seem to resize it properly, can anyone explain me how to do it? Also, if possible how big is TheIsland so that I have a sample to compare with.

    Thank you for the help!

    Ark's The Island size.

    Hi hammamet,

    Ark's official "TheIsland" is:

    27x27 Components
    2x2 Sections
    127x127 Quads
    Scale is: x = 100, y = 100 z = is 180

    There are several videos on youtube that can help you with creating your own terrains/landscape for use with Ark.

    Brick Whut : ARK Dev Kit Lesson: Adding Terrains
    The Wookie (here on forums known as "thewookie91" Ark Dev Kit Tutorial: 1 - Setting up the base terrain! by The Wookie

    Hope this helps.