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Blueprint in structure inventory question.

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    Originally posted by Akukiyo View Post

    The blueprints are removable by default, if you want them to be unable to be removed, you need to set Allow removal from Inventory to false, this will prevent the crafted items from being able to be removed.
    You can get around this issue by making the crafted item, GIVE ITEM ON USE. And Allow Remote Use In Inventory so that the player can "OPEN" the package.

    You only need to add anything to Default Engrams IF you want to force a player to learn the engram. I don't know if there even is the ability to use 2 as stated above, as I was under the impression it was a boolean, TRUE|FALSE / 0|1
    If 2 is an actual option, and it sets an engram, change the blueprint to an Engram, allow removal, and it should prevent removal as Engrams are NOT Blueprints.

    However if you use 0|False for Default Engram, and Use Is Engram, you can remove it... Not sure why have to ask Studio WildCard Devs.
    You are the freaking man! Thank you and everyone else that contributed to this post so much for the help! I now have the info I need to make my mod. One again. Thank you!

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      [MENTION=396308]Firespark81[/MENTION] There seems to be a new way to do it, Force Blueprint and Force Not allow removal in the PrimalInventory will allow you to force default items to be blueprints and not allow them to be removed. Just make sure default engram 0 for what you want players TO SEE.