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    The Ark Modding Discord might not be official (since it is hosted by ArkModding), however a reasonable number of Wildcard staff are also present in the channel.

    I don't believe you are required to log in using Steam credentials?


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      Originally posted by Rebelweasel View Post
      ""Sign in through Steam: This site NOT ASSOCIATED WITH VALVE CORP.""

      There is no way in any universe I am going to log in with my steam account credentials to get access into any third party site. This is how you get your steam accounts hacked, folks. Sure, the url looks legit, but after a while all it takes is one url address digit-substitution and a re-direct to a really good faked site that looks legit to phish you later on. This advertised Discord group is in no way officially representative of Steam, Wildcard, or Unreal Engine. I'm going to look for a place for modders elsewhere as long as this group insists on a possible later compromise of my account security just for the "privilege" of being part of their discord group.

      I think whoever mods this forum should u-nsticky this post. Being stickied misrepresents this group as an "official" channel for people to get together, and their method of screening people is not a great way to go.
      You obviously have never heard of, or used Open ID before.

      Please do not spread false information for which you are not qualified to speak on. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for them to capture your credentials using their invite site. The whole point is to have Steam handle the login and then inform the site if the login was valid or not, with the entire purpose of keeping the account secure, so that the site never has to worry about compromising the account either.

      Have you never logged into another site with a google account or Facebook account? Same concept. Maybe the screening is doing exactly what they want....
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        Hi I tried to join this discord channel, but was having internet issues at the time, so discord doesn't show the channel, but when i go to the link it says the invite has expired. I tried contacting staff, but have gotten no response.


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          I am trying to gain access to the chat as well. I did not get a steam invite?


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            I already have an account with Ark Modding Discord but have recently (well maybe not that recently) had to reinstall windows so have lost all contacts in Discord, when I use the instant invite it asks me to claim the account, but because I am already registered it will not let me. I have looked for a way to add the channel to the Discord app but so far have found no way to add it, can anyone help with this, as I found this to be one of the better channels out there.
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              I guess no-one is actually looking at this site anymore, makes you wonder if the Discord site is actually worth joining, obviously not, if they cannot answer here just how much help would you get on the site...... NOT GOOD.