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  • Ark Modding Tutorials

    Hey guys, I am starting a new list of modding tutorial videos for you beginners!

    Whole Playlist:

    [Important] Video 0 (Introduction to the Series):

    Video 1 (Downloading and setting up Unreal engine):

    Video 2 (Setting up the Client):

    Video 3 (First tool/Melee Weapon):

    Video 4 (Spear Tutorial Range/Melee):

    Video 5 (New Bow Ammo):

    Video 6 (New Campfire):

    Video 7 (Uploading mod to steam):

    Video 8 (Creating a new resource):

    Video 9 (New Armor):

    Video 10 (New Gun):

    Video 11 (Creating a Harvestable Resource):

    More to come soon! Suggestions welcome!

    Map Making Tutorials:
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    Nice, looking forward to them. A lot of the material out atm is spotty.


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      Thanks man. Appreciate the response. Would love some feedback on the videos and suggestions for future content.


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        I'll check them out tomorrow and let you know


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          First 2 were good. I'd try to slow down just a little bit while talking, but it's not a big deal. Made it half way through the 3rd one, then went off on a tangent in the dev kit, so I have yet to finish the 3rd one lol.


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            I would like to watch a tutorial on how to add human NPCs, I want to create a mod about a tribe of natives but I'm missing the main part...
            The natives!


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              Thanks for the feedback... and crusader that's a tall order man. I don't know if I can do that quite yet. Ill have to do a little more exploring.


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                Added some new stuff!


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                  TY for the tutorials organization. Helps us noobs a lot

                  Also, I made a suggestion on using flowcharts to help clarify how all the assets are connected, and I will make more for the videos you listed if you think it would help people:
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                    Hey man, I really like that idea. After a few videos of doing it I was hoping people would just get the hang of it. But I think that's a great way to bridge the gap from copying everything bit by bit and learning to really do it yourself. Thanks man!


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                      Hey Guys and Gals,
                      I still a new developer. I only have 4-5 months experience, even less with the ARK game itself. One thing I am finding really frustrating in game, is how easy it is to get lost or how hard it is to find your way to help a Tribe member. I seen in some games like Entropia Universe they have a position hot key to mark where you are. It forms a link in chat where people in your channel can then click the position you post in your channel of choice. This then opens a GPS like tracker with arrow and distance to that Target point. I would think some of the Developers here already would know how to track where a player is and set a Target Point. and then just use a widget of some sort for arrow and distance. I still fairly new as I said. But I do feel something similar would really improve game Play for all Players New and Experienced. Happy To help if anyone is interested in this Idea. I still need to learn a lot about unreal and also Ark. Just a thought. Let me know if anyone thinks this is easy to Implement and a good Idea. Sam Frederiksen


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                        Here's a quick video I did on how to add a mod item to the engram list and the proper structure inventory, great for beginners without having to go through a whole item mod tutorial just for this tidbit!
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                          any tutorials on the new map editing system in version 228?
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                            Dunno if you know how to do it but I would like to see a tutorial on how to change mesh of a obj when inventory is added to that obj
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                              thank you for this, it has been extremely valuable to me in learning to mod ARK