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    ok few more things that would be GREAT to have as a lesson

    - how to make the weather actually work
    - how to get ambient sounds to actually work...out side of preview LOL
    - BIOMES
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      This might come as bugging the author, but how is it going regarding tutorial for changing torpor on ammo ( new or existing ) ???


        Currently reworking the way I am going to make these tutorials


          [MENTION=427774]Sgt. Morrigahn[/MENTION] To do that you simply change the damage type of the weapon.

          You can do this in 60minutes.
          Step 1: Duplicate Weapon and all weap and primal files linked to it directly.
          Step 2: Move them into your own mod folder.
          Step 3: Modified your duplicate of DmgType example for bows DmgType_ProjectileWithImpactFX_Tranq
          Step 4: Link your weapon to this modified duplicate.
          Step 5: Decide if you want to edit existing, or make your own.
          Step 5a: Remap existing bow to your modified version in your mod folder.
          Step 5b: Link your version in the EngramEntry to the additional Engram list.
          Step 6: Cook.
          Step 7: Upload.
          Step 8: Sip pina colada. This mod is done, and you still have 45 minutes to enjoy your drink.


            You forgot to take into account the first 45 minutes of the dev kit loading/crashing.


              [MENTION=86943]thewookie91[/MENTION] true, many a crash lol. but you and I both know when you know the exact file you need to edit you can get everything done in between crashes with time to save cook and upload =p


                [MENTION=86943]thewookie91[/MENTION] Hey, so I've been trying to make a mod that adds 3 new tranq arrows, mainly increasing the DoT of the arrow. So I would like an arrow to do 250% weapon damage as torpor for like 30 seconds.

                However I copied all the connected files for the existing stone arrow, which for some reason the damage types is Melee_Torpidity_StoneWeapon or something like that. Either way I copied everything over, changed the DoT settings and tried to test. Firstly I'm only able to use 1 of them in test mode. I crafted a stack of 10, but am only able to use 1. Can't reload, nothing.

                Then when I try to cook the mod and upload, it uploads to steam with no information and 0.000 MB file size. No picture (even though I made one), no title, no description, nothing. And it says it's hidden, even though I made it public. I'm so confused by all this, it's got me lost.


                  Bows spawn WITH ammo, you should have 1 shot in your weapon when you spawn it, also this is a thread about tutorials you should probably post this question in a thread.

                  go to the narc arrow or tranq arrow I forget the name, but the stone toripidity arrow is the weapon arrow, make a child of the narc/tranq arrow and move everything into your own mod folder. update your weapons damage to your own new files. reassign your own ammo files to the weapon and change the weapon templates.


                    [MENTION=86943]thewookie91[/MENTION], I'm having trouble resizing dinosaurs. Even with resizing the collision component, they spawn in the air and float around indefinitely. Would you know a solution or somewhere I can turn to that would help me figure this out?



                      Hello! Could you please do a tutorial on how to mod a creature ? For example add a dog to the game ? or something of that sort... Thank you!


                        ok, very new to this, not started on anything as yet, going through all tutorials, but im wanting to know how i can add a particle animation and set color of said particle, so say like when u drop the parcel from ur inventory, it would produce a particle effect so it can be seen easier, and if there is a way would it work on most items in game? thx in advance from the noobest noob in here, i think lol


                          Request, A video on how to make a map extension useing custom dino spawns, also the Dino Spawn tutorial doesn't tell you how to paint your new spawner on anything as in you place it on the test map but the guy doesn't show you how to import it into the island map or the center map.


                            Is there a way to test a mod before you upload it to steam, I have tried to put in an address in the 'Test Mod Output Directory' but it will not appear in the game when I play local server or is this just for sp mode?

                            If you know how to do this a tutorial on it would not come amiss.



                              That's easy in the Cook menu Under what ever your map/mod is called put


                              Once its cooked it will only cook to that folder and not be able to upload to steam, you will have two folders 123456789 + yourmodname and a 123456789 mod file.

                              Open yourmodname and cut all the contents out and paste it in the 123456789 folder and now copy both the 123456789 folder and Mod File to


                              And that will then show up in your game


                                Just a question, how would i go about creating a whole new npc in the game, from scratch. I've been looking but to no avail have i foung any tutorials. I am sorta ok at modeling, I can handle that part. What i really need help with is importing those models to the dev kit and having them be registered as npcs just like the dinos in the game.