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Breeding Grounds and wild fertalized eggs

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    Breeding Grounds and wild fertalized eggs

    So I have a little experience with modding the Elder Scrolls games and I know I could do what I have in mind on those games but I am unfamiliar with the Unreal Engine system.

    The idea I have is to create a new object. The new object looks like a nest with hay or leaves covering up the eggs.

    I would then copy the behavior of the loot drops and have the nest randomly spawn into selected areas designated as "breeding grounds or Nesting Grounds". For Dodo's they would be scattered all over the beaches, Dilo's would have a few areas where the beach meets the forest. Trikes would be where the open plains are ect..

    The nest would contain one, or several, fertilized eggs that the player would then be able to take and try to hatch and raise.

    Is it possible to reproduce the mechanics of the loot drops but change their visual effects locations and contents?

    Is a fertilized egg something that can be spawned independently from the mating process or not?