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Problems with Level Streaming

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    Problems with Level Streaming

    I made a map and it created a persistent level. Then i created several sub-levels to hold the foliage and spawn volumes. I was adding in some foliage and all of a sudden the plants were off my map floating in the air and i noticed the water was only working in one quadrant of my map. I tried to root the foliage to the ground however that did nothing. I looked in world composition and saw that the sub-levels i created were all over the place so i tried to manually align them over the landscape i created. This worked for a minute but then when i tried to add foliage again the landscape i created shrunk down to a tiny size. I'm trying to figure out how to resize the landscape i made so that is back to the proper scale. Is anyone having similar problems or maybe it is something i did? Also I'm open to any ideas of possible causes of the problem so i can modify my workflow to avoid this in the future. So far lesson learned make backups before making big changes... ADK-5pts Me-0pts

    Check out my thread into map making to see where you made a mistake, It tells you everything there is to making a fresh working map (link in my signature)
    If you want to try my map you can find it at the link below
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