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    Some Questions

    Is it possible to do the following with just changing or creating blueprints without access to the C++ source code:

    1. Add new resources ie lead, copper as well as different kinds of wood.
    2. Have it so that trees when cut become a log on the ground which can then be carried to be processed.
    3. Add human 'dinos' that can ride/mount other dinos.
    4. Add new building materials and types
    5. Restrict what can be built on rafts to certain predesignated positions
    6. Increase the jungle density.
    7. Have 'half' blocks which would be a block half the size of a normal one.
    8. Stealth/camouflage
    9. New weapon characteristics such as jamming, misfires
    10. Small caves which would not require loading zones.

    Yes to All, but some of those are going to require quite a bit of work and require a Total Conversion instead of the Mod Setting.

    But, Yes. It Can Be Done and in most cases - has been. In fact, my mod has all kinds of new resources: Wax, Plastic, Powders, Etc.
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