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Loot Event and Remove Item from Inventory

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    Loot Event and Remove Item from Inventory

    Hello! I'm here today seeking help for two minor issues I've been having. First of all I searched almost everywhere for a loot event and removing an item from the player AND dinosaur inventories.

    I'm currently creating a mod that will allow the player to choose what loot they can filter.

    Current UI:

    I haven't found a Loot event for player or dinosaur inventories. If there's a way to make a custom event related to such I'd love to have an example of that, or if there's any alternatives.

    Another issue I've been having is related to 'RemoveItem' function. Is there a way to retrieve the Item Net ID? I searched for functions, even created specific variables to match the type but no luck.

    Overall, I want to drop items that are selected in the filter UI to not loot in both player and dinosaur inventories. If it isn't possible I'd like to know.