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    I'm gonna make a UI overhaul. I'm going to change most of the UI found in the game to something neater, maybe minimalistic. I need a bit of help what I need to do before I start modding. Like do I need to copy the MainMenuUI or any other UI widget from the UI folder to my custom mod folder?


    If you're altering the games UI, you'll be doing a TotalConversion. These are handled separately from mods and maps and replace the in-game elements if that particular TC is chosen.

    There is a thread here about TC's and setting up for them I think, but the basis is you'll be editing the files where they are in the DevKit and when cooking the TotalConversion, it will find and cook the files you've modified.

    I would still suggest finding that thread first, however. It was done by Kenturrac I believe, if you want to search for posts/threads by him to find it.

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