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    Dev question

    in the event editor does set override named engram entries not work at all? or does it have to be done at a certain stage of start up ?

    i'm trying to make the game read from the ini and allow the override engram names work with simplier commands

    Currently I'm doing this in the event graph for testgamemode_mine's event graph firing off player joined(can't find another event that'll actually fire)

    but after I set it.. I still have the engram

    Click image for larger version

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    Here is what I did.. don't need to worry about stuff above it that's just shooting text to my screen so I can debug why this isn't working
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        wow dunno why it was an image a min ago... fixed
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          Just throwing some ideas around as I'm also learning visual scripting slowly (I swear it's like building your own nuclear device.. by reverse engineering!)

          Sp I presume you get past Get Bool option ini and branch ok? I noticed the branch continues on regardless of true/false.. but I imagine that is just for testing purposes and you'll end on false eventually.

          So I was thinking that after you branch:

          - Function "Make EngramEntryOverride" might be looking for an existing engram reference which will be overwritten by your "EngramEntry_ClothHelmet".
          - However, your input to it I think is saying "I want to overwrite engram index 0 (campfire).. with cloth helmet (engram index 12)".

          So I'm thinking your "Make Array" needs to be specify the cloth helmet (assuming you want that one removed) by using index 12 in the set expression.
          And your "Make EngramEntryOverride" should have blank space in the EngramClassName section.

          i.e. I'm overriding engram index 12 (cloth helmet) with none.

          Anyway just bouncing ideas around.

          P.S. Could you share your scripting for throwing debug to the HUD? I've been simply printing to output log, but I'm interested in how you do your debugging to UI.
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            yah the cloth helmet was to test because I thought maybe it was an issue with custom made items (ones not on the masterlist) but no it's actually the event ON Begin play.. it never fires.. I added a text box that just said what up world and it never fired


              Oh right so the issue is firing the script.. not whether the override function works? Thought it was the latter.
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                well it now fires but the override isn't working I can't figure out what it should be
                don't know how to get the actual class name I think is the issue but maybe it's the nodes I'm using for the override not sure