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Best practice - Working with PrimalGameData_BP_yourmod.

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    Best practice - Working with PrimalGameData_BP_yourmod.

    I'm new to both UE4 and ADK.

    I've noticed that when i'm adding, let's say, a new item there are 2 parent engram list classes one named "Engram Blueprint Classes" and one named "Additional Engram Blueprint Classes".
    My guess is that i should use the "Additional" because if Wildcard release a new Engram my mod will overwrite everything on and after the ID i used for my mod. Correct?

    So let's just use "Additional" problem solved i guess.
    Here is the question:
    There is not a corresponding parent class to the "Master Item List" named "Additional Master Item List"!
    Should there be? Because would not my mod overwrite the item with the same ID next time there is additional items added to the game ?

    Or is it here my lack in knowledge about UE4 fails me, is UE4 smart enough to rewrite ID based on what the parent data is or something?

    As i said, new to all of this, maybe using the wrong terminology here and there but hope someone will understand :P

    The only things you should be editing in the Primal Game Data are these: (For 98.9% of most mods)

    Additional Engrams - This is the location where your engrams go.
    Additional Inventory - This can be used - but people are finding that it's best to craft a new item to make a place to craft your engrams. As it doesn't stack properly with other mods.
    Additional Structures To Place - This is where your "constructed" items to place on the ground need to be. So they can be properly referenced as the static mesh to place.

    The MASTER LISTS - are for the developers only. Putting anything in here will make it work, until they make an update then poof! Tis gone! So don't put anything in here.

    So best practice is to use the additional areas for putting your new items in.

    Hope this helps. I've not got my editor open to see the entire list, but I do believe those are the primaries to watch for.
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      I guess he means a way for admins to spawn items using giveitemnum rather than a long azz PrimalItemName.PrimalItemName path (whew that was stored in my auto-correct heh)
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