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Cannot Set/Assosiate Dino Icon for HUD.

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    Cannot Set/Assosiate Dino Icon for HUD.

    Hello everyone,

    This has been asked before on the forum but no answers have been provided.

    I cannot find out how to set the dino Icon for custom dinos instead it shows a white box where the Dino Icon Should be.
    I have made a copy and renamed the correct Icon file to my mod folder but cannot figure out how to associate it using the Character_BP. I did link it to the dino blueprint

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DragonIconScreenshot.png
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Size:	744.1 KB
ID:	1161899

    I have been looking for hours, please help!
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    Did you remap/add the new Dino Entry in your modded PrimalGameData.BP?

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      When you're creating the custom dino files, just leave "Dino Name Tag" as the default value and it should be fine. Won't get you a dossier on tame, but the icon will show up as you'd expect! (Not sure about adding new dino icons) -- you may also need to make sure you have a custom DinoEntry file created for the new beast and entered into the Additional Dino Entries section of the PrimalGameData file!