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HELP: Can't upload mod!

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    Thanks man ! It was the description you were right, for me at least. I've been annoyed by that for quite a while! Thanks again man you're a life saver


      I know steam guard is active, but is there a way to turn it of? I test my mod in the editor (here it works fine). Its mostly made for singleplayer, so I haven't thought about testing it on servers.
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        You can turn steam guard off, but that's not really going to help you in this scenario, especially since you already found out for yourself why you're being blocked. I have steam guard and it only asked me once for my code to authorise the DevKit with my account, with which the Steam CMD prompt worked perfectly fine.

        If it meets the minimum requirements, yes, it will run it. But it won't be the best experience, as you'll most likely be playing on Low, maybe medium (at least a few select settings on medium). On a PC I play ark on at a friends house, his second PC only has a GTX 770 on which Medium is suggested for and it runs pretty well at Medium on that card, granted, you can generally get away with upping Textures and the like if you leave processing effects, shadow settings, and SSAO and all that jazz at the level recommended for your card and it should still work pretty good. On the 770 I had all the settings at medium, with sky detail and ground clutter at about 15% of the slider, textures at Epic and all but two of the effects listed at the bottom off, and I believe I was seeing something in the area of 50+-ish FPS.

        However, on my two 980 Ti's, it doesn't work the greatest in SLI, but I get good enough performance at epic setting levels.

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          Problem solved!

          I brought ARK and I could upload my mod without any problems.
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