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Modifying Thatch Bed

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    Modifying Thatch Bed

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm completely new to modding and am trying to adjust the default bed, so that only the creator may use it as a respawn point. Or a means to pin-lock it. So that other tribe mates may not use it.

    I'm looking inside the blueprint/s but can't find anything. Any tips on where on the Dev Kit I can edit this?

    I have actually been looking into this similarly. I also intend to stop the bed from dropping the players inventory when it is used but I'm having trouble achieving this. I'm very curious about the things we have both mentioned and will continue looking for answers but for now if anyone is aware on how to do these things please let us know.


      alot of stuff is uneditable this is one
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        I'm not 100% sure it would work even if you exposed the code. Doesn't the Tribe management system also manage the ownership rights of objects? IF it does, overwriting core values might not have an effect unless you found a way to remove it from the rights group it gets put into on creation then make a new one, (which is not possible as far as I know in the ADK).


          Alot of stuffs are still hidden.

          I was looking at the bed as means of teleporting but it showed nothing via the bp referencing
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            hogs it should be possible if you could do that since you can set it to personal ownership from the tribe
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              [QUOTE=Dirty_Nightmare;380616]hogs it should be possible if you could do that since you can set it to personal ownership from the tribe[/QUOT]

              I got the same problem. I want to place 4 beds in a level and assign different players to it. My solution was to create 4 tribes (with different colors) and set the ownerships of the 4 beds to this 4 teams. But i got no plan to do it.

              1. How do i make a tribe via blueprint?
              2. How can i set ownerships of objects (bed) for different tribes via blueprint?
              3. How can i assign different players to this 4 tribes via blueprint?

              The rest should do the already existing ark-code .

              Anygot got a tipp, where i can start to learn something about the ownership and tribe system to reconfigure it?
              Thanx for all help.