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    Originally posted by CaoMengde777 View Post
    lols my comments were held up by the moderators, as iam new to the forum, i made assumptions i guess

    thats cool i guess, maybe i use some public domain textures to help me out... probably not, maybe?
    Just make sure of the license! I learned the hard way a long time ago that just because something was given to the public doesn't mean the author is ok with people using the item commercially.


      So would it be okay if I included a structure building mechanic pulled directly from another game?

      Because sometimes a game will simply do something better than how all other games approach the same issue. However if I were to implement the mechanic in Ark it'd feel like a direct copy paste.


        You can take the idea and approach and copy it.

        You can only directly copy it (taking the files, models, sounds, etc.) if its allowed by the creator/owner of the distribiution rights.

        It's a dangerous topic to begin with since copyright is different from state to state, but lets say you want to rebuilt capture the flag from UT. You can do that, you can make it identical in function, but you can not use their files.

        Could be that I am totally off here. So someone pls speak up if what I said is ********.
        Just to be safe I recommend doing everything on your own. You grow on even more.
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          Oh I wouldn't be using any code or content created by anyone, just their idea, for lack of a better one.