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    Originally posted by TheRealAzrael View Post
    lol.... well, doing a overhaul (it wasn't really an overhaul or dirty since it NEVER caused any problems with saves...) does not play nicely with v190. In singleplayer it plays perfectly, no bugs AT ALL. Put it on a server, fresh wipe, no wipe, doesn't matter, the vanilla game is overriding my mod. I don't get it, and worked all day yesterday trying to fix it, but no luck. This has become the biggest task yet. Strive on and keep looking for solutions though XD
    It appears mods created in the DK prior to V190 lose their reference snaps in some weird way.
    It's disappointing seeing everyone trying to fix their awesome mods which would otherwise run perfectly


      If you use a core_child in your mod, is this still considered Dirty?
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