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HOWTO: Add new structure variants

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    In the Components tab, click the Add button on top-left, search for "light", add it, and tweak the parameters in the details section.
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      Thx Dude
      One question more, if I may.
      I can not dye my floor ingame. I triede diffrent settings but it wont work. Do you know what settings I have to change?


        you need to have color regions set on the structure (checkboxes denoting which regions you want active) and also you need to have a color map that tells it what regions to dye what color. Open any paintable structures material and see how they do it.
        This will help too

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          I followed this tutoriel but it's still not working and i don't know why

          I made a video who will shaw you what i did.

          Im not a native english speaker, so i speak slowly. You can accelerate the video by 1.25 or 1.50

          Also this is my mod source files :!Av_1rU5xAi58nj0JcJUZMntLLHuK

          If anyone could help me i'll be grateful

          Thank you in advance