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Help with Physics/Collision and Player interaction?

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    Help with Physics/Collision and Player interaction?

    I've some experience modding and I've been learning the UE4 kit for a couple weeks. After spending hours diving through files and changing variables I come to the forums for some mercy. I cannot find these specific topics in tutorials!

    My issue:
    I would like to create a sphere that can be pushed around and knocked about by the player.
    -I have created the static mesh from a brush, applied collision to the mesh, and set the Collision to the 'Physics Actor' preset.
    --I have created a Physical Material with a Restitution (Bounciness) of 1.75 (default is 0.3) and applied the Physical Material to a Material which is applied to my Sphere.
    ---I have enabled the 'Simulate Physics' button for the Sphere in the Physics tab.
    ----My sphere bounces along the terrain but the player character is unable to interact with it.

    -I have duplicated the PlayerPawnTest character in order to modify the stats without ruining anything else.
    --I have enabled 'Simulate Physics' on the collision Capsule for the character
    ---I expected this to allow the character collision and the sphere collision to interact, it did not.
    (The gamemode blueprint has also been duplicated/modified and the duplicated/modified player data is assigned - I should be spawning in the modified character.)

    With all this information I could really use some advice - or even a link that might point me in the right direction.

    You should look around at the different collision channels and profiles, that might help you out some.


      Under the PlayerPawnTest character did you try ticking the checkbox and reviewing settings under Agent Physics->Enable Physics Interaction ?

      Hope its a soccer mod


        3ndoflin3: I was searching around the forums and came across your post on modding the player stats - I believed my modified PlayerPawnTest was not being spawned during my test plays and was loading the original, which did not have physics interaction enabled. So I started playing around with the settings of the GameMode and the assigned Pawn (PlayerPawnTest) originally, but even switching the assigned Pawn to my modified pawn did not spawn me in with the modified settings. Eventually I found an option to force a certain player to spawn as a specific pawn that was already added to the map (dragged/dropped my modified pawn into the world) and it worked! Started kicking around my little ball and everything. This seems like a crazy work around and not a permanent solution.

        I'd like players to spawn in with my modified pawn so that they can use the physics but, looking through the game BPs, I haven't stumbled upon the setting for the default pawn spawned in.

        This problem has turned from a collision issue to a player pawn assignment issue. I found this post as well:
        I'll keep troubleshooting, thanks for the feedback.


          Hey Jeean,

          Just saw your reply now, glad you got your ball kicking around! Set up some T-Rexes as goalies and let the soccer action begin

          I posted a similar related thread about the physics as I'd like to be able to switch states between the game player-controlled pawn state and a freefall type physics state for the player, but not sure the best way to go about that or able to be supported by the game at this time.


            does anyone know how to calculate physics (of a soccer ball) on the server and replicating to clients?
            i already have it working in single player...
            dubCUT ARK MODS