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I extracted the executables to where they were needed, but I keep getting sent to

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    I extracted the executables to where they were needed, but I keep getting sent to

    What must I do to actually start up the dev kit?

    EDIT: The Binaries folder is missing from the engine folder ever since the update.
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    Binaries and Plugins folders are contained within the GitHub-download you are supposed to extract.
    It's now approx 415mb instead of 240kb.


      where do you extract these files?


        Place both those folders "binaries" and "plugins" in the "engine" folder within the Ark Dev Kit in steam
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          to dev kit engine folder, match with the one from github


            Can anyone do a step by step for this? I've been at this for hours already.

            I have the ARK Dev Kit installed.
            I have the Zip file from Unreal EU4 or whatever it is and see the files in the locations described.
            I have GitHub and Git Shell on my system as well.
            I also have linked my Unreal and GitHub accounts.

            So... why isn't this working? I find the directions are scattered, like afterthoughts. For people new to this sort of thing, there really needs to be a "for Dummies" version.

            Any time I go to launch the ARK Dev Kit, it takes me to the site telling me how to get the program. So, what's missing?

            Yeah, I'm ranting. I'm extremely irritated with this.


              My devtoolkit is installed in the following folder

              The download from github i downloaded by downloading it as a zip file, this zip file is called ""
              inside this zip archive there is a folder called Engine

              Extracting Engine into your ARKDevKit should result in two folders having updated files

              This should allow you to start up the SDK.