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    Word of warning, The ARK Dev Kit is roughly 35GB.

    If you're on dial-up speeds don't bother :P

    Interesting that the dev kit is incredibly larger than both the Ark game AND Fully fleshed out Unreal engine combined...


      Make sure you guys activate the email addressess. Validate them with the email you get. That is the number problem people have.


        THANK YOU!!!!! It was so frustrating until I saw your comment, and yes, I think lots of people miss this part like I did "5. went back to GitHub and ACCEPTED THE "EPIC GAMES" INVITE INTO THE "GITHUB EPIC GAMES GROUP" ON GITHUB <--- Important step I think you missed!"


          For those of you who still have issues or think the information above is hard to0 understand here is a video on how to setup

          Originally posted by masojvasara View Post
          Anyone have any ideas why my water plane would come out green?[ATTACH=CONFIG]45418[/ATTACH]
          Load in the default ARK map and it should fix it self
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          So you want to make a map? (Tutorial)

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            Had the Ark Dev kit for roughly 3 days now and has no issues. However when I came to loading it up today I have this error.



            Can anyone help?

            EDIT: I have re-added the engine folder from github to see if I was missing any files - The problem persists.
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              redownload the zip from github you need to download it at each upgrade of the dev kit


                Thanks man, I don't know why I didn't think of that



                  Both of the errors you posted are commonly caused by the dev kit being incomplete or not fully updated. They are typically caused by not having the Github executables in the right place. (Be sure to check that the new data merges into the Engine folder properly, and overwrites. It is common for it to accidentally unzip to a path such as ' kit/engine/engine...') Another possibility is that a file has been modified or altered, and the dev kit installation needs to be re-verified through Steam. To do that, right click on the dev kit entry in the tools section of the Steam library, select Properties > Local Files > Verify local tool cache. Good luck!

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                    I was able to get it installed and loaded but as soon and I right click anything in the list (blueprint) it instantly freezes and won't do anything