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Questions regarding texture maps for dinos

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    Questions regarding texture maps for dinos

    Hi everyone,

    I have some questions regarding the texture maps that are used for dinos/creatures:

    - So what I gathered is that 4 maps are used: albedo for the base color without light, shadows and stuff; normal for details, specular for lights and color ID to apply color variations.
    Still, there are diffuse map in the files, why ? For what I understand diffuse is a combinaison of those above so it's useless to have it.

    - Some dinos (for instance baryonyx) have an AO and a roughness map but they don't seem to be used ?

    - Albedo and specular are very different from what they are supposed to look like. Albedo map look like a white and red color map instead of base color. Specular are yellow-purple colored instead of black and white. Why ?
    I think I read albedo maps have to be desaturized for the color to show off (source atlas devkit documentation) ...