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    Addons for Saddles

    Hello everyone

    I am hoping that someone is able to help me, i am an enthusiastic modder, i am aware of the basic concepts though i am not familiar with the most advanced ones, being the later the only thing holding me down.

    I am currently building a project-mod that is named Ark Essentials: Saddles Extension.
    In this mod i was hoping to implement Addons that behave similarly to the Torch, in which, these can be attached to the saddles.

    I am able to create a skin, and let this attach to saddles, though since this is an advanced feature that i am interested in, I don't understand fully where to begin.

    My goal is the following:
    Create an Addon that applies a buff to creatures, when it is attached to Saddles, Generic Saddles.
    The buff, that i am interested in, is dedicated to increase movement speed.

    Lately, the interest is binding the buffs on the GameUserSettings.ini file, and allow it to be fully customized.

    I have tried a lot of times creating these Addons, even relying on Open Source Mods to understand how they did it. Although I have been unable to achieve anything.
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