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Help, function remove static buff...

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    Help, function remove static buff...

    hi, I'm new and I'm trying to make a first mod.

    I'm trying to add a consumable object that gives a buff forever.

    Like when you catch a fever and the only way to remove it is by using the antidote.

    I managed to create the consumable object and the buff, but I can't create the function that removes that specific buff, using another consumable object.

    can you help me please?

    Hi i can help you by this is not so heavy.
    Now you need 2 buffs the feverbuff and the antidotebuff. On the item Blueprint you find Buff ti Give Owner Character. Insert here the antidote buff.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	ItemFunct.png
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ID:	1737523
    Now on the antidotebuff you must use Active Prevents Buff Classes here you must insert the feverbuff.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	BuffFunct.png
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Size:	13.3 KB
ID:	1737524
    Now if you have the feverbuff and use the antidote it will deactivate the feverbuff.