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Help! Can't Cook my first mod (endless crashing)

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    Help! Can't Cook my first mod (endless crashing)


    I'm trying to cook and upload my test mod for first time
    But it keep crashing with The UE4-Shootergame Commandlet has crashed and will close

    Before it crashes, its running the "cook", thou ALOT of lines with "Warning: cant find file", Warning:failed to load" and "Warning:cant find file for asset"
    - I notice the files it cant find/load is from /game/primalearth/test folder
    Do I need to have my ARK-game on same HDD?? (I have one for games, and one for programs)

    Severel times it has crashed my pc entierly

    I have Validated ADK through EGL severel times too
    Tried to search for solutions without luck

    Its my first time modding, so Id really like to get my test-mod up, so I can test before adding more stuff

    Hope someone can help??

    The Error:
    Last edited by LadyAriel; 09-19-2019, 03:12 PM.

    Those "failed to load" and "can't find file for asset" warnings are normal, and can be ignored, but it looks like your machine is running low on memory. Try closing other programs while you are cooking your mod, or add more memory to your computer.