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Help with landscape material and textures

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    Help with landscape material and textures


    I am extremely new to the Ark Dev Kit and to the Unreal Engine in general. I've watched a lot of tutorials on how to use the Dev Kit, and while I am slowly making headway into understanding it, I am a little confused about a particular aspect.

    In order to generate textures to paint a landscape with, you must have a landscape material selected correctly in your details section of the Kit. Most tutorials suggest using the MI_NewIsland material. However, this seems to limit the paintable textures to the ones The Island natively comes with.

    If I wanted to make a map that has all of the biomes included in it, eg, the Forbidden Zone from Extinction and the Bioluminescent areas of Aberration, how would I do this? Is there a landscape material that already has all of the available textures in each expansion included by default, or do I have to manually add them to my existing material?

    If I have to manually add them, how do I do this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    You would have to add them.