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Engrams and Map Extension

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    Engrams and Map Extension

    Hi Guys, i have a Problem i work on a map extension. The Map Extension ist finished all harvestable items are on the map that i need. But all the engrams from a workstation and more is not in the engramlist in the game. So can anyone help me how i get the engrams in the game?

    In the moment i have 2 Levels.
    1. Level = Extension Level with harvestable items.
    2. ModMap = Level with the PrimalGameData

    By the mod cooking i have insert the Levels in the Mapslist so: ExtLevel,ModLevel

    But i have no Engrams in the Game to learn.

    I need help with this.

    Have you added the "EngramsEntry" of your Engram in the "PrimalGameData" of your mod ?


      yes i have it the engrams are in the additional Engrams in the PrimalGameData from my mod and i have instert the PrimalGameData in the Level from my mod.


        On your map extension, remove the reference to your pgd

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