Hey, I'm having trouble using the Ark Dev kit in the Epic Games Launcher. When I try and run a Simulation of any map (the test map or a map that
I have created which includes various sizes, some blank with only one texture painted on it) it freezes and does not begin the simulation even after 8+ hours (over night) and it only closes when i go into the task manager and force it to. When I try to run maps as standalone games I get an Assertion failed error. This error occurs for all maps including the default testing map. I've included an attachment of the exact error that I receive.

My specs are: AMD Radeon R9 380 Series GPU
AMD FX 8300 Eight-Core 3.3GHz Processer
ST200DX001-1NS164 HDD with SATA 6Gb/s and 64MB Cache

Steps I've taken to resolve the issue:
Verifying the kit;
Reinstalling the kit;
Reinstalling DirectX
Uninstalling/Reinstalling my GPU drive
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