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Help getting Dino to attack object.

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  • Help getting Dino to attack object.

    So my ultimate goal is a kind of "survival" mode where dinos are spawned, that then march across the map to destroy an object at the center of the player's base.

    But I'm having difficulty getting the spawned dino to attack an object.

    What I've tried (I may be going about this completely wrong)
    • Add a Thatch_Floor to Trike AI Controller Wild Targeting Desire Multiplier Classes
    • Add element of 9999999.0 to Wild Targeting Desire Multiplier Values
    • Checked Use BPTargeting Desire
    • Run Island Map
    • Spawn in Trike
    • Create Thatch Foundation in front of Trike

    But unfortunately the Trike does not attack the Thatch Foundation. Any ideas?

    I also need an invite to the Ark Modding Discord, I found a link but it says expired now.