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  • Help with making a map

    so im making an edited version of the island, and heres what ive done

    -made a new folder in the map section
    -copy all of the island sublevels
    -paste the levels in to my new map folder
    -wait about 2-3 hours
    -see that all of the levels have gone into the folder

    my problem is when i try to save levels such as "A1_Near " it crashes my game, ive tried renaming the levels and saving it, and nothing works.
    im kinda a new modder, though i made an OK map from scratch that ive never uploaded, but if anyone knows the solution to my problems, please let me know what to do.

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    Not sure but maybe put your new folder into the Mods section not the Maps section?


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      ive done that, but the same thing happens. am i doing something wrong?


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        First of all, your map's sub folder needs to be in the "mods" folder, and not the "maps" folder. Only official maps should be in the "maps" folder.