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Ark Dev Kit Tutorials E01-E05(Episodes added regularly)

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    Your method for adding a wander harvest does not appear to work.


      Any chance you can make a tut on how to make kibble/milk for imprinting and possibly how to change the imprinting percentage the dino will gain per?


        do widget please, tyty, love your vids
        to be more precise, how would one generate a list of items scanned and list it into a widget, much luv.
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          Are you still doing tutorials?

          If so can you show how to make something wireless (like the Tek Generator) power things on a raft or on a saddle platform, this would be invaluable to my new mod (wireless solar panels) but at the moment it will not power up anything on a raft or platform.

          This would be great if possible.

          Also I tried to join the Discord but was informed the invite is invalid or has expired, do you still have the Discord board or is it no longer avaiable, if so how do I add it to the Discord app.

          The files are no longer available for download as well, does this mean you are no longer doing these tutorials, shame if it is.
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            File cannot be downloaded. Invalid link