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Pulling INI Values from a Map Extension Level Blueprint

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    Pulling INI Values from a Map Extension Level Blueprint

    I was messing around with the map extension level blueprint and I added a event graph to try and pull INI values from the gameusersettings.ini file. When I run the map extension in the Dev Kit, it pulls the values properly. But, when I run it in single player and on a dedicated server, it does not pull the values and only sets the default values I assigned if it could not find any data in the INI. Because the blueprint is assigning the fallback values I assigned in case there was no data in the INI, I know the event graph is firing. Is it possible to pull INI data from within a map extension level blueprint? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Are you setting variables? If yes, make sure they are replicated. I'm using .ini settings for several mods that use map extensions and they work fine.
    Also, do you have a delay after the begin play?

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