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Looking for colleagues to help build Demo of Campaign

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    Looking for colleagues to help build Demo of Campaign

    First things first, this will be as long a project as you want/need it to be... I am not exactly talking about a 1 week commitment, however, if you have assets in your resume that would fit a modern, open-world military shooter FPS/TPS... Please feel free to add me on Discord to discuss how you will benefit from donating; You will receive credit for your work upon Release (my team of 3 are looking at Epic's Unreal Engine 4, However Cry Engine 5 is looking good too.) ... Also, given this will be a Demo of an actual Independently Developed game, We can pay Royalties upon Revenue Income... ie: we can make money from our work and pay the Engine Creators a Percentage (Royalty) and pay our Workers the rest of the funding, with Complete Transparency and I am completely willing to sign notarized documents for contracts upon publication.

    We are looking at a Modern FPS/TPS styled shooter, focusing firstly on one specific region, TBA upon customizing the area into a Fictitious landscape, and a sizeable team coordinating.

    Looking for:

    2d Texture Artists: painting in Photoshop is preferred, for unique textures, pertaining to the region in concept being built. GIMP artists are welcome, seamless textures for basic things like: walls, floors, editing textures for changing their purpose, is great as well.

    3d modellers: Mostly 3rd world props, including textures and materials if possible (Texture Artists should be able to provide them)... 3d modelled Terrain based on Heightmaps is a Major Plus+

    Unreal Engine (Crytek Engine 5) Mappers... designing the infrastructure for 3d models and 2d textures and materials to be implemented (very straight-forward)... ussge of wind/day/night/ambient sounds/ParticleFX is Plus+

    Landscape Terrain Heighmap knowledge is a Major Plus+... Realistic Lighting and above mentioned is Necessary for working Demo.

    Team's Discord has been inactive for a while as awaiting an SDK for a potentially buggy game settled poorly.

    Wyked Games Development (Working title, not Official, yet, ) Discord:

    Also you can add me on Steam if you wish: " Nickelz "
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