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IOS Developer Certificate and MobileProvision only working on windows?

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    IOS Developer Certificate and MobileProvision only working on windows?

    I have been reading through documentation to try and begin packaging my game for IOS. I followed the given instructions and downloaded my .cer and my .mobileprovision and loaded them up into the editor through the project settings. When I load these files on my windows machine, they appear just fine, turning green and allowing me to launch directly to my device. However, I am using a plugin which requires me to use a code based project meaning I need to use OSX to package. After loading the same .cer and .mobileprovision, beside my provision it says "No Valid Certificate Found." Can anyone tell me what is going wrong or what I need to do differently for OSX to IOS dev?

    I think you need to generate the cert via Xcode if you're using OSX to package.

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      I'm not sure what the process is for that, and I haven't seen documentation for that. I see that I can log into XCode, I presume that is related. Could you explain the process in any more detail?


        You may need the intermediate certificates from Apple. Here are the three common ones, but you may not need all three:
        Developer Authentication Certificate -
        Developer ID Certificate -
        World Wide Developer Relations certificate -

        Your next step will be to check in your Keychain and make sure the certificates are all valid and have a private key associated (make sure they all show a green checkbox and don't show a red warning instead). Note that the intermediate certificates won't have a private key associated.

        As RynerAJ pointed out you can do all of this via Xcode preferences, which is easier since it will set things up and fix issues for you as long as your Apple Developer account is set up properly.

        Refer to this for more:
        And here: