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Windows -> iOS Rsync/Remote Build Guide (4.8)

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    Originally posted by manoelneto View Post

    You don't need cygwin. Just navigate to the file in Explorer, right-click it, go to the "Security" tab, click "Advanced" and change the owner to "Users" (or it's equivalent in your language then add full permissions to "Users".
    I was testing with UE 4.24.3 and it was complaining about permissions 660 on the file RemoteToolChainPrivate.key.
    Your advice solved the issue for me an UE4 is now Rsyncing into my mac and went quite far in the process.
    However, I'm now stucked at shader-compiling not sure whats going on there


      Originally posted by psychogony View Post
      Thanks for the excellent guide bzxo.

      The only OSX Apple device I currently have access to is a 13" Macbook Air (Mid 2011).
      This device only has 4Gb (not upgradable / soldered to the motherboard).
      It would appear recent versions of XCode require 6Gb, but I am not sure how much the XCode IDE itself eats up (as opposed to headless command line).

      Has anyone got cross compilation of UE4 working on a 4Gb machine?
      Or managed to get this working in a 'rented online' OSX environment?
      Would try myself, but my Apple developer membership has lapsed and will have to pay for another year to try this out (was unused due to lack of access to OSX hardware)...
      I am testing this on my MacBook Air which has only 4GB RAM and using UE 4.24.3 on my PC.
      After a few problems in the process, (see my comment above), I am able to get UE4 remote compiling over my macbook.
      Now it's been taking forever in the shader-compiling stage, will have to see how that goes.