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Apple and Epic and you, the megathread

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    Thankfully not directly affected at the moment, but watching closely.... In general, the timing of this is interesting in that its a real WTFU moment and time-to-act urgency for antitrust legislators everywhere. Especially in the EU / US, after 10+ years of all talk and no action - WTF? One thing that's becoming clear though imo, is that this is more about lawyers being in charge than anything else. Lawyers have hijacked big-tech and killed off all the idealists and idea people! Lawyers are dictating the terms of this war, with only surrender being offered to both developers and consumers. So overall I'm looking forward to the world fragmenting post-covid, with world markets and the internet splitting off, as what we have right now isn't working!

    But its a dumb move by Apple after already banning Fortnite. They're 2 trillion rich in market cap and yet its still not enough for them. Unchecked greed?!!! Whereas before this, they had a lot of goodwill versus the rest of the FAANGS on a consumer and privacy level. So overall, this will be used against them as a test case by the antitrust crowd along with the banning of side-loading. I'm no fan of googhoul but at least Android 'sort of' offers that. Apple can't win this battle ultimately and Epic are way ahead in terms of support. But Apple lawyers can drag this out for years because current antitrust legislation isn't up to the job. (Legislators are out of touch or all pwned by lobbyists, and facebook / google / amazon etc are easier targets)...
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    It's horrible news for people who develop iOS games (I'm one of them)
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  • started a topic Apple and Epic and you, the megathread

    Apple and Epic and you, the megathread

    I think we'd better have a single place to discuss this, so here it is.

    If you're just checking the news after the last week, this is the latest drama in the world of game development:

    1. Epic took payments for Fortnite on iOS through their own system and Apple banned Fortnite from the app store.
    2. Epic had apparently planned for this and immediately launched a court case that revolves around anti-trust behaviour by Apple.

    This all seems pretty reasonable. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there.

    3. Apple locked Epic out of their dev tools (probably mostly just signing and Testflight) which effectively halts future iOS and MacOS support in UE.
    4. Apple also seem to be saying that they'll detect UE apps during the app store approval process and block them.

    This is obviously not too great for all of us. The potential fallout (as in IT HASN'T HAPPENED YET) is:

    1. Mobile development on iOS for UE stops.
    2. Some VFX applications are written off as well, as MacOS is fairly integral to a number of studio solutions. At the indie end, systems that rely on iOS for face tracking or AR data stop working.
    3. Apple devices that are almost the only occupant in that market space become unreachable. This can include things like iPads and Apple TV.

    I think we all hope that this is a gambit that will pay off for Epic. It likely will, Apple app store policies are in violation of anti-trust laws, and by doubling down on other developers they've really proven Epic's case for them. In the meantime local development shouldn't be affected, so fingers crossed that this doesn't drag on too long.

    So how are you guys feeling? How are you affected?