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A few questions about developing for iOS/ipadOS

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    A few questions about developing for iOS/ipadOS

    Hello, I have a few questions regarding this process.

    I'm using an imac without the mac part, basically the internal drive exploded so I'm using an external drive with windows 10 on it. I can run OSX in VM if needed.

    1) To publish to iOS/ipadOS (whatever the difference is) do I need to do so from OSX in VM or can I just do it without worries in Windows?

    2) I know I need to pay the apple tax to develop on their platform, but say I have. Can I send out copies of my game for testing to all my friends who want to test it? Can they just launch the apple's equivalent to apk and it's good to go?

    3) I'm attempting to make a game for both Android and iOS/ipadOS meaning will everything work the same or are there notable differences? Is there a website that lists these incompatible things?

    Thank you for your time!

    1) To compile a Shipping build on Windows you need remote build, I think you can't do this on VM, but not sure exactly
    2) AppStore Connect has TestFlight for testing before release
    3) Flagships devices don't have notable differences on Android or iOS, but Android has a large list of devices with different cpu, ram etc.


      Thanks! I didn't know about test flight and it looks very useful. Thank you!