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FaceAR Sample ios App without paid developer?

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    FaceAR Sample ios App without paid developer?

    We are attempting to try out the Face AR Sample and the associated iOS app. I have an Apple ID that is set up with the free-level developer access. I have my Mac, and Xcode, and I can successfully compile a Hello-world app in Swift, and get it onto my own iPhone (connected to my Mac via Lightning), and run it by trusting my developer certificate.

    What I'm trying to find out is whether it is possible to compile the iPhone app and put it on one or two phones locally in the studio, without a paid Apple Developer Program membership. The default setup seems to want mobile provisioning/certificate, and I believe for that (and setting devices on Apple's website) I do need a paid membership. But is there no way to convince Unreal to build the app and put it on a connected iPhone, in the same way as my Hello World example in Swift? We could live with a one-week expiry or whatever might come with this if necessary.

    I played around with creating a new profile, trying the "Automatic Signing" option in the project iOS Build settings, etc. The Project Settings/Mobile Provision area does seem to see the Provision for my Swift Hello-World project (doesn't match of course), and by changing the bundle ID I did seem to get the Launch to launch the Swift app, but nothing I can do in the way of using the Unreal "Make Xcode Project" and building that seem to make an equivalent provision for the FaceAR app.l

    I'd think it should be possible, and if so a pointer to the steps needed would be appreciated, but if not that would also be good to know, and we can accelerate getting a paid Developer membership set up.

    AFAIK, for ARKit stuff you are going to need a paid dev account and access to a Mac (or MacOS running in a VM at a pinch.)