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iOS Deployment Without Paid Developer Account Won't Work

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    iOS Deployment Without Paid Developer Account Won't Work

    Hello Dear Community-Members,

    For days now I am trying to find out what I'm doing wrong but it seems like I can't find the right solution.
    I am new to the Unreal Engine and currently trying to figure out how all of it works. I downloaded the Epic Zen Garden and the Sun Temple example project off of the "Engine Feature Samples" and wanted to deploy them on my iPhone, but I can't. I read about 10 possible solutions but none of them really worked and somehow there are several ways to handle this matter so I wanted to ask you to eventually share your workflow regarding building apps on iOS using Unreal.

    My setup:

    Unreal 4.23 and 4.24
    iMac 2017 with OS Catalina 10.15.1
    iPhone XR with iOS 13.3
    Xcode 11.3

    As the title mentions, I am trying to find a solution without having to spend $99 for the Paid Developer Program.

    What I did so far:
    I've opened up Xcode and created a new project. I automatically signed in with my free developer account, used an bundle identifier and deployed the app on my iPhone. What happened now is that a provisioning profile and a certificate is created.
    I then switched back to Unreal, opened the project settings -> iOS and used the same bundle identifier like the on in the Xcode project.
    The mobile provision and certificate show "valid" and I also checkmarked them.

    I then choose my device within Unreal under "Launch" and 2 error messages pop up saying "Provision not found" "Signing key not found".
    When I try to launch through Launch -> Project Launcher -> iPhone I suddenly receive following error:

    ERROR: Stage Failed. Missing receipt '/Users/myName/Documents/Unreal Projects/SunTemple/Binaries/IOS/'. Check that this target has been built.

    So what am I doing wrong? This solution came up the most while searching for ways to handle this problem.

    I would be thankful if anyone could share his steps. Please note that I am trying to do it without having a paid developer account.

    Best regards

    Where did you get the idea it would be possible without a paid developer account?


      Oh sorry, didn't see your reply up! I actually read about it often. There are people mentioning they deploy the project on iOS without having the paid developer account. Why wouldn't it be possible though? Unity has the option to deploy it on iOS without having to pay... I just would like to try out some apps locally on my iPhone. I understand that for publishing it on the App Store I need to pay.