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Is UE4 usable on Mac?

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    Is UE4 usable on Mac?

    Usually I use UE4 via Windows and it works out pretty well. However, via a similarly spec'd Mac targeting iOS I'm having unending troubles. Maybe someone has an idea how to reduce one of my pain points below?

    * When compiling, mono takes 30+ seconds figuring out what tasks to do (often just compiling one file with trivial changes)
    * Hotloading doesn't work, so I have to restart the editor every time I change C++ classes.
    * Launching to an iOS device takes 4+ minutes every time, even with nothing to compile
    * Packaging takes 10+ minutes every time, even with nothing to compile or package

    Is the only viable workflow for deploying to iOS to really develop in Windows and then only use Mac to launch iOS? Has someone had good experiences using a Mac-only workflow and my setup is just bunk somehow?

    I tried for years with an iMac, recently picked a pc (alienware. i7, 1080 etc) from dell outlet for a 1/3 of the price of the imac, its night and day, workflow on the mac is slower and harder, then when you look at cost, you'll have to be pretty dedicated to carry on with UE4 on OSX.