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Call C++ functions from JS

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    Call C++ functions from JS


    I need to be able to call C++ (or blueprint) functions from JavaScript. I know that Unreal uses Emscripten to pack the C++ code to HTML5 build. It should be integrated in Unreal, but it is still not clear to me how to actually use it. I am able to build my Blueprint / C++ app in HTML5 and run it, but I just don't understand how to call the C++ functions. According to this thread, it should be possible:

    But what I don't get is:
    - PLATFORM_HTML5_BROWSER is not defined at all. No matter if I run from editor or package the APP as HTML5, it is not defined. Am I supposed to do it myself? Because I would expect it to behave similarly as for example PLATFORM_WINDOWS...
    - those EMSCRIPTEN_KEEPALIVE and other EMSCRIPTEN macros are not defined. Am I suppose to include anything? I tried to include <emscripten.h>, but that fails right away when trying to build the editor so I cannot even get to packaging the app for HTML5.

    The best thing would be if there was some comprehensive tutorial for JS / C++ integration, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Or is it?

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    OK, at this point, I was able to solve it by putting this in the cpp file:

    #ifdef __EMSCRIPTEN__
    #include <emscripten.h>
    #include <emscripten/html5.h>
    I don't know if this is the way to do it, but at this point I am at least able to package the HTML5 build.

    The next question however would be... I get this in the console when I run the app:

    'ccall' was not exported. add it to EXTRA_EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS (see the FAQ)
    Well, if I read the FAQ correctly it seems that it no longer exports all of the function in order to save some space. But I just can't see where would I add it in Unreal. I guess that would be some parameter to the emscripten execution... But where do I set it?



      I tried to edit:
      To also export ccall like this:
      Result += " -s EXTRA_EXPORTED_RUNTIME_METHODS=\"['Pointer_stringify', 'writeAsciiToMemory', 'stackTrace', 'ccall']\"";
      But it doesn't seem to impact anything. I am not sure it even takes the file into account just like that. Even if I make an intentional syntax error in the file, it still goes through... Do I need to recompile it somehow?


        To conclude this... This whole idea was based on an old UE integration. Nowadays, you don't need to mess with any of the stuff above.

        Files to look at:
        • Engine/Source/Runtime/HTML5/HTML5JS/Private/HTML5JavaScriptFx.js
        • Engine/Source/Runtime/HTML5/HTML5JS/Public/HTML5JavaScriptFx.h
        See e.g. UE_EngineRegisterCanvasResizeListener()

        As for the HTML5 macro, nowadays, it's just: PLATFORM_HTML5


          So i wasted 2-3 days in about the same process as you have Aros_Prince. The problem is i don't understand your last comment. Care to make a short step by step tutorial for the rest of us to understand how the new UE integration (which i can't find any information on anywhere btw) works?.