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Expression (InOuter || (InClass == UPackage::StaticClass() && InName != NAME_None)) failed ...

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    Expression (InOuter || (InClass == UPackage::StaticClass() && InName != NAME_None)) failed ...

    I have a project that is a architectural walk through. I am trying to export it to HTML5. I can launch it on my computer and run through the level there. I have gone through the documentation and do not seem to have any issues exporting to HTML5. However, after starting the HTMLLaunchHelper.exe and opening localhost:8000/<project>.html I receive an error, the text of the error is:

    Expression (InOuter || (InClass == UPackage::StaticClass() && InName != NAME_None)) failed in D:\Build\++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\UObjectGlobals.cpp:2345!
    Check console for details.

    If I click OK the web page adds 'Initializing Engine...' and just sit there with spinning arrows.

    The computer I am using is a Dell Precision M7720, Xeon processor, 32 GB of RAM, Quadro P4000 with 8 GB of RAM. The computer should not be an issue with this.

    I have tried in both Chrome and Edge, same results. I have tried in Chrome on another computer, same results.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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    I have the same error, were you able to solve this?


      I have submitted a bug to Unreal. I have just finished replying to their request for more information, I gave them in depth details of the issue I experienced. They say they couldn't replicate the issue. I added the Answer Hub page in my reply to them saying that I am not the only one having the issue.

      It took about a week for them to reply to my initial bug submission so no telling how long it will take for them to follow up. If/when they do I will post their response here.


        This is the response I received from my bug submission, after giving more information and telling them that you are having the same issue:

        Thank you for all of that information. Unfortunately I can still not reproduce the issue, it just is not occurring for me. I spoke to our primary HTML5 developer and they mentioned attempting Firefox instead of Chrome as Firefox is usually quicker with Launch On from UE4 in particular, so he's curious to see if there may be a difference in this case. Please let me know your results and I'll relay it to them to see if they have any ideas.



          I get the same thing ! But I don't understand the path it references and how it's the same for all of us.
          I'll try with a previous version of unreal


            I just finished sending logs and machine info to a HTML5 team member. Hopefully he can determine what is happening.

            One thing I did for testing was created a basic FPS shooter project with no starter content in Engine 4.20.3. I was able to launch in Chrome from the Editor just fine.

            I then created the exact same project, basic FPS shooter with no starter content, in Engine 4.21.1. Trying to launch Chrome from the editor gave me the error. Only difference between the two is the engine version.

            I sent a link to Bug Submission of my project file. Their response was:

            "internal testing has shown that your zipped uproject builds fine in Developer, Shipping and Shipping For Distribution. so i'm wondering what you and bvvintecc might have on your development environment."

            I haven't modified my development environment - at least not that I am aware of.


              -same issue here on Chrome64/beta & FF.